About KansABA

Mission Statement

KansABA’s mission is to (a) advance the science and practice of behavior analysis, as well as its education and training; (b) address issues relevant to the science, practice, education, and training in behavior analysis; (c) maintain disciplinary, professional, and ethical standards in the science, practice, education, and training in behavior analysis; and (d) recruit and enhance interest in behavior analysis throughout the State of Kansas and the Kansas City metropolitan area -- Clay, Jackson, and Platte counties.

Please welcome our new Executive Council and Committee Members!

Executive Council Members

Edward K. Morris

Allison S. Tetreault

Full Member Representative:
Linda Heitzman-Powell

Adjunct Member Representative:
Katie Gower

Student Representative:
Alec M. Bernstein (Outgoing)
Brett Gelino (Incoming)

Sarah Mead

Kelley L. Harrison

Government, Legislative Affairs Committee:
Nanette Perrin, Chair
Kelley L. Harrison

Information Technology Committee:
Matt Novak, Chair

Professional Development Committee:
Tyler Ré, Chair

Conference Committee:
Alec M. Bernstein, Chair
Edward K. Morris
Kelley L. Harrison
Shea Lemley
Heather Skinner
Alyson Buck
Denys Brand
Bee Kamana - Photographer

Working Members

If you are interested in volunteering with KansABA, please contact us at kansasaba@gmail.com. We are open to ideas for how we can better serve our membership through special projects or initiatives and welcome individuals who would lead them.